CMYK/Four Colour Process - The four process colors of cyan, magenta, yellow and black used to print color images.

Crop Marks - The marks that are printed near the edge of an image that line up to indicate where the image or paper will be trimmed.

Deboss - A recessed impression on a surface. The opposite of emboss.

DPI - Dots per inch. A measure of resolution.

Emboss - A raised impression on a surface. The opposite of deboss.

Imposition - The placement of a single, repeated or multiple documents on a sheet to maximize paper and equipment. Creates a signature for the production of books.

Pantone - A color matching system that utilizes predetermined mixing colors to achieve consistent color between printers. See also Spot Color.

RGB - A three-channel image containing a red, green and blue channel as appearing on color monitors. Compare CMYK image.

Spot Color - Multi-colour printing that employs the use of inks without the process color procedure. Compare Process Color.

Spot Varnish - The application of varnishes to specific areas of a sheet.

Stocastic Screening – A process of representing a continuous tone image (e.g., a photograph) by converting shading and colors into a random pattern of various size spots. Compare Halftone.

Varnish - The unpigmented vehicle of an ink used to seal an image for durability. May also contain plastics and other additives to create gloss and matte finishes. See also Flood and Spot Varnish.

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