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About Us

As a commercial printing facility, Imperial Printing has been in operation for over fifty years. Over the past eight years, the company has expanded its services with the addition of a team of experienced designers and marketers. Our client base has dictated the need for a facility that can translate a design perspective and efficiently communicate the vision throughout the production process. By building a design service that is directly partnered with the mechanical and digital process of visual concepts, Imperial has created a niche market that is creative, intuitive and cost efficient.

Imperial’s production and design services have successfully completed complicated PowerPoint presentations that have been converted to movies for streamlining cross-platform. We have designed outdoor landscape displays and museum banners for municipal attractions; developed color scheme and decor pieces for franchise clients; created concepts for production of corporate awards utilizing unique materials; and have directed/co-written radio advertisements. Our creativity is not limited to the printing process - it extends to three dimensional objects, multi-media applications, packaging, web sites and more.